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Anmerkung zum Beitrag von Alessandro de Francesco:


"My contribution to the Poetische PraxisPerformativ session, documented by this video, was organised in the form of improvised and simulated rehearsals with the audience for what I call a “reading environment”, that is, a context in which the poetic text is experienced collectively, spatially, and immersively. The first part of the intervention consisted in setting up a choral reading of two poems from my book (((, published by Uitgeverij / punctum books in 2021. The poems were both printed for the audience and shown on the screen behind me, and they are reproduced below in this page. Those who watch this documentation will notice some audio issues. This is because the whole reading was improvised and therefore the spoken choir wasn’t provided with microphones. The soloists, on the contrary, are clearly heard as they were speaking into the mic, just like myself. The last minutes of my intervention were dedicated to giving a hint of how the voices of the spoken choir and the texts themselves are often recorded and processed in more complex settings involving digital surround sound, virtual reality and mixed reality with wireless motion tracking. The processed voices of another, previously recorded spoken choir (made by students of the Basel Academy of Art & Design, Switzerland) are played for a while in the video, and images of two immersive textual works were shown on the screen behind me. These images and relative documentation about the pieces I talked about in this intervention for Lyrik und Wissenschaft are available at the following links:

Alessandro De Francesco"

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